Etra Collection

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You can have anything you desire, right away. But not this.

ETRA is an innovative experience reserved for a select few, looking for a different way of living, for a playful luxury, for an exclusive and personalized way of discovering the world with the utmost privacy. Once inside, you will leave the whole world behind you, you will be immersed in an unassumingly luxurious , you will feel safe, just like at home, ready to experience the most enthralling and tailored adventure.


Living ETRA suites means experiencing the newest and highest standards in the hospitality panorama.


You will be seduced by a sensational work of contemporary architecture and design, projected to offer regenerating and well-being sensations to our guests. An innovative concept of luxury hotels and suites, providing visionary experiences, bringing to light a stunning and functional idea of an elegant and peaceful haven.

Peek inside our three distinct solutions, the Family, the Signature, or the Presidential suites. Lose yourself in the unique and sensual harmony that pervades our structure. You are in Florence, Italy, Europe, Planet Earth. But you will feel as if you are floating in a new dimension, characterized by the most intense relaxation, pleasure, and well-being ever experienced.


Live the contemporary, seize the moment and get everything Florence has to offer during your stay here. Enhance your flair for imagination, taste life, and spread your wings from your place in the city.