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You’ve been everywhere. But not here.

You’ve seen everything there was to see. But not this.
Because only very few people can live this experience. It could be You.

Discover our luxury suites and see.


choose your accommodation


Our goal is to go beyond our guests’ needs, constantly exceeding their expectations.

Our suites are an authentic expression of well-being and comfort, and the discovery of each hidden detail is quite like a game. The concept of the ideal home blends with that of a boutique hotel, creating three distinct solutions that respond to different types of travel: from business travelers, couples or groups of friends, to families traveling with their entourage.


Each guest finds complete privacy in the suites.


The intimate atmosphere is enhanced by the architectural choices. Each element is part of a perfect and harmonious reinterpretation of contemporary luxury: material environments, relaxing colors and scenographic technologies live together, creating an unprecedented setting.


Crisp lines hide what the eyes shouldn’t see. Iconic design elements are positioned in their natural environment. A slight vintage touch enhances the historicity of the building, enhancing a new and different way of living in the cradle of European culture.

Three luxury suites in Florence, overlooking the Duomo, with a privileged perspective and a breathtaking view.

Everything seems evanescent, just like in a dream.


You can walk barefoot along all 250 square meters of open spaces, discovering an amazing surface of heat-treated parquet, capable of retaining the heat in winter and cooling in summer. By investigating hidden secrets and options, you will discover that behind some surfaces there are engineering works of Italian design, such as the professional kitchen by Boffi and De Padova.


You can relax on the satisfying Hypnos and Vispring mattresses of English manufacture, made as in the past with natural fibers and cashmere. You can choose whether to let yourself be enveloped by light linen sheets or by the precious and fresh Percale 600, capable of giving you an unrepeatable feeling of light freshness.

It’s simple.


Imagine your next dreamlike getaway. Think about what you’d like to find inside your suite and what you’d like to do during your journey. Take your dreams to the highest level.
That’s exactly what we’ve created for you.


ETRA places the emphasis on the most refined and innovative elegance ever.


Are you ready for ETRA?